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Video Games on Wheels?

Our gaming saturated culture has figured out another way to bring video games into your homes.  Granted I may have been a little slow in noticing this before, but I was driving around with my wife the other day and ended … Continue reading

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Fox Sports Show-A Media Father’s Day Gift

Among the myriad of athletes that bask in the glory of their accomplishments and enjoy the treatment and attention that comes with it only to shun the responsibility that comes in the package deal, comes some fresh perspectives from two … Continue reading

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Posts…Old and New

Since this blog is relatively new and I’ve been learning a new blog format, I’d thought I’d also use some of my older content from my blogger blog intitled Who Moved My TeleprompterThese posts are certainly related to the media … Continue reading

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Media Messages Kids Get Through The Cracks

The images were consumed by your child like the first time someone slipped in some brussel sprouts in your favorite dish.
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