Looking For New Books To Read Online?

Find New Books To Read Online


Books are a wonderful source for relaxation for some and a great way to escape from the everyday routine for others. Many of us like to read for both reasons. But sometimes what to read next can be a bit of a gamble.  Sure we can read everything we can get our hands on from a favorite author, but when we’ve finished that string of books, what then?  There is a couple of great tools that help in the task of looking for new books online.  They’re called Good Reads and Your Next Read. 

 “Good Reads” is a site that is a little like Facebook or Twitter in the way it encourages you to share your own reviews of books you’ve read and lets you check out other readers’ critiques.  In fact, it allows you to connect via the two big social networks as an added feature. Being able to interact with other members, read real people reviews and even discussions about your favorite books or ones your considering, is fun, stimulating and helps you in looking for new books to read online or the old fashion way.

The other site, “Your Next Read”, is similar in it’s community feel. You can also connect through Facebook or Twitter, give reviews, search for specific books, authors and genres. Some of the differences between the two sites include the emphasis they seem to have.  While Good Reads seems to emphasize the interacting with other readers and sharing thoughts about what they’ve read, Your Next Read is a bit more driven toward helping you find your next good book.  It does this uniquely through a recommendation tool that is sort of like the Genius program on the iphone. It suggests similar types books based on the book, author or genre that you type in the search box. 

Looking for new books to read online? This could really be helpful and fun.


Good Reads  and  Your Next Read

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