Peter Rabbit Collection: An App Young Readers Will Love

Peter Rabbit Comes To Life

For the fans of the classic tales of Peter Rabbit and friends, the Beatrix Potter story is given new life like no one has ever attempted.  The enduring  Peter Rabbit collection is given incredible respect and honor in keeping with the writer’s original illustrations, or at least they look like them and it’s all set to the piano classic Clair de Lune. But that’s just the beginning. The ability of the reader to interact with the pictures just by touching them puts it in a league of it’s own.  The reader can move characters around, hear them laugh and giggle or hear Mrs. Rabbit hum to herself.  Kids can also touch falling leaves or blackberries and make them bigger and touch them again and you can squish them.

While those are fun little games within the story, the app really ends up turning this flagship of the Peter Rabbit collection into a great reading tutor as well.  As the narrator reads the story, the words of the story are highlighted in green and if you aren’t sure of a word you can merely touch the word and the narrator will say the word for you. The reader can take the story at their own pace simply by a flick of the finger to turn the pages like a real book.  And it appears that the app updates from time to time so each time you read the story it seems you find something new.

The “Pop Out Tale of Peter Rabbit” app may seem a little pricey for an app at  $3.99 for the iphone, but if you think of the price of a regular story book and consider all the multimedia work that’s gone into it, it’s really a bargain. It, of course, comes in an iPad app too. The Peter Rabbit Collection of interactive stories is growing so check out what’s here

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