Cost of the New iPhone 4g: Is It Worth It?

The Cost of the New iPhone: The 4S comes in Black or White

This day is indeed a sad day for not just the people who are loyal to the Apple brand and it’s innovative line of products, but for just about anyone involved in this digital age.
Steve Jobs’ death comes as the company is set to release the iPhone 4S instead of the long rumored iPhone 5.  One has to wonder if the company stumbled a bit because his ingenuity had been absent for the last several months. Whatever the reason, this is a different phone, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at it. And starting at $200 is the cost of the new iPhone 4 worth it?

The newer version does have a substantially faster processor than it’s older sibling and better graphics included. Great news for gamers who like to play a lot on their phones. It has also attempted to fix the alleged “bad reception” problem. Something that, quite frankly, I never experienced with my 4. The 4S has a dual antenna system, one for receiving and one for transmitting. For international travelers, the new 4S can work of off both GSM and CDMA technology, so it can operate on any network worldwide. It also has a longer battery life playing some 40 hours of music and 10 hours of video playback and provides 8 hours of phone time. The camera is much improved going from 5 mp to 8 mp and will shoot better in low light with the capability of shooting full H.D. video.

Still is the new iPhone worth it? The cost of the new iPhone starts at $200 for the 16 gig version, $300 for 32 gig and $400 for 64 gig. Just be prepared to sign a 2-year contract. But here’s the great news if you just want to enter into the iPhone market, the 3GS phone with 8 gig of memory (still a good phone) is available for free with a 2-year contract. The regular iPhone 4 (8 gig) is $100 dollars with the contract. Answering if the new iPhone is worth it? I would say if you have the regular 4, unless you’re a big gamer,  international traveler, or higher end photography is important to you, I’d say wait. With the passing of Steve Jobs though, the next really new iPhone will be a litmus test of the company’s commitment to innovation…no pressure though, right?


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