E-Worship Growing With High Tech

The virtual world of the church growing

…church leaders are realizing the capabilities that are out there to get the message of salvation to the masses…

It doesn’t seem that long ago that many churches, including my own, thought they were on the cutting edge of worship technology when we put away the traditional hymnal and began singing off of the big screens.  Well helping people pursue God these days also means keeping up with the growth of technology-even some churches moving into e-worship applications. Granted, in the past, the journey of knowing God better has not always emphasized technology. But that’s changing because church leaders are realizing the capabilities that are out there to get the message of salvation to the masses…at least the masses that have the technology. 

First, among the e-worship applications are the Bible apps themselves. You’ve probably seen some of these like Olive Tree Bible Reader for Android or iPhone that has a couple of different versions, commentaries and you can highlight passages and take notes. YouVersion has several different versions you can read side-by-side, reading plans and devotionals. E-Sword can put up to 4 versions on the screen side-by-side. Blue Letter Bible gives you some 20 translations with Hebrew and Greek available and gives you study charts, and outlines.  This Christian Chronicle article has more to check out.

But just like a lot of news organizations have done, some churches are now coming out with their own customized apps for smartphones and tablets. According to app developers about 150 churches have their own customized app for it’s members and it looks like there will be more to come. They see it as a way to better keep their members informed with adult and youth group activities and download encouraging messages via podcasts to listen to when they have time.

E-worship tools are not bringing the gospel message to those in China or a remote village in Africa right now, but it is proving to be an encouraging tool for those living in the tech world who want to use media fill their minds with practical  and biblical messages anytime they want.

Here are a couple of my favorite religiously based apps that encourage me on a daily basis. Family Life Today and Focus on the Family.

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