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Cell Phone Unlimited Data…Another Bites The Dust

…they saw a chance to make a lot of money.   Another big wireless company has nixed it’s cell phone unlimited data plan. Verizon wireless is changing it’s data plan from a byte buffet to a tiered approach to data … Continue reading

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Cell Phone Security Is Simple And It Works

 Your cell phone contains a lot of personal information- personal codes, phone numbers, maybe bank account numbers.  Just think what could happen to you if your cell phone fell into the wrong hands… or was lost waiting for someone to … Continue reading

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Americans’ New Great Love: A Deadly Distraction

Over the last several decades, really since the early 1900s, Americans have embraced a handful of inventions that we have fallen in love with and have rearranged our lives around. Some have revolutionized our lives, but not necessarily excite us to change our … Continue reading

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